Electric showers are often used where hot water capacity is minimal, non existent, or very difficult to access. They are available in a number of temperature ranges from 7kW to 10.8kW.

Where there is adquate hot and cold water storage Gravity Fed showers may be used. They are avaialable either as a manual or thermostatic unit. These units can also be converted to Power Showers with the addition of a seperate pump.

Power Showers are supplied with an integral pump and resemble an electric shower in appearance. These units will require sufficient hot and cold water storage for optimum performance.

Mains Pressure/Unvented showers are used in situations where a combination boiler, multipoint water heater or pressurised hot water system has been installed.

We can supply products from the majority of manufacturers including Mira, Triton, Heatrae, New Team and Aqualisa. We would be only to pleased to advise you of your options.

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